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April 21, 2019

 County/Club Event

Our club will be hosting the County Meeting on 
Wednesday April 24, at &:30 PM in the Morrill Building in North Haverhill.  All are welcome.  Please try to attend.

     It has been a good snowmobile season except for much of December.  Our groomers did an excellent job on the Club trails and Route 5 north.  Route 5 south of the gravel pit in Pike has not been the best at times.  This is due to the length of time that it takes our volunteer groomers to go all the way to Glencliff and back.  It is a major commitment of time, and getting someone to make that run is not easy.
     Join and support our club, thank landowners, groomers, volunteers, and sponsors that make it possible for us to enjoy our sport. Also, a special thank you to Allen Riley and Todd Zora who each donated $100 to our groomer fund, Kelley Wile for doing our facebook page, and R&M Garage for selling our memberships.  If not for the volunteers and sponsors, our club could not exist.  Enjoy the warmth to come!  Have a great summer!
   Memberships- Please buy a club membership from our club.  We are a very small group.  We owe $29,000 on our groomer, with scant hope of ever paying it off.  We need members and money.  If we fold, there will be no trail riding in Haverhill and no grooming. 

     You can join our club at R & M Automotive in North Haverhill, or by filling out a paper application which you can download at this website or in person at R&M.  If you go there, they will still do it on line.  Memberships will cost $35.  This fee is the same for an individual or family membership.

NHSA Club Registration Discount

Join a club where you ride and get a $30 discount on your NH snowmobile registration. Not only will you save money but you will directly support the clubs that groom and maintain the trail system.
Important:  To qualify for a club membership discount of $30 per sled, an NHSA Voucher must be presented to the Registration Agent.

Get The Discount

1) You need to join a club before registering your sled

Two options:

·         Go to the NHSA Club Membership page to join a club online and instantly get your voucher.

·         Contact a club and request a membership, get a voucher.

2) Get Your Voucher

·         Once a member, log into the NHSA Club Membership website. 

Go to “Save/Print Voucher” on the left side of the page.

·         If you contacted a club directly, ask them for a voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a voucher at a store or dealership?
While some stores might have a computer available to join a club and get the voucher,
the majority will not.

Can I use my phone or mobile device?

Yes. You can join a club with a mobile device and use it to display your voucher immediately.

Can I join a club at a store? That’s how I used to do it.
If the store offers paper membership forms, you can join but won’t be able to access
the voucher immediately, as it needs to be processed by the club later on.

Please become an active member of our club.  We are in need of people to attend meetings, give us their ideas, and help with work projects. 
Remember, meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the Morrill Building in
North Haverhill at 7 PM.

Please patronize these businesses because they support our club:

R&M Automotive                            Mountain Milk
Woodsville Guaranty Bank       Blackmount Equipment
TV Guy                                      Village Pizza
Hood's Plumbing and Heating
Aldrich's General Store             Walt's Auto and Marine

Corey's Car Wash                     Valley Floors       

The Bridge Weekly                    Tempting Hair Designs

Woodsville Power Equipment

Gateway Sports                         Erik's Auto Body

Nootka Lodge                            E-Z Steel


     If you have not submitted your email address, please get it to us at swillo428@gmail.com.  The purpose is to enable us to inform you of upcoming events and pending legislation.


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