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January 17, 2018 

Club Events-   On February 4th, 2018 we will have the following weather permitting:

Radar Run- $5 per run or 5 runs for $20.

Poker Run- $10 per hand.  Only one winner for best hand.  Winner will get 1/2 of the antes.

50/50 Drawing- Winning ticket gets 50% of the total.

Food Vendor- food and drinks will be sold.

Club merchandise will be on sale.

All events will be at Augie's Take-A-Break in North Haverhill.  Registration will start at 10 am and the Poker Run must be completed by 1 pm.

A big thank you to Mike Olsen and NAPA FMS for sponsoring the Radar Run.

     Football fans will have plenty of time to complete these events and still be able to watch the Super Bowl!!!


     If anyone is willing to help, please contact:
          Jay Waterhouse - 747-3744
     or Barbara Dutile- 989-3005

     or Ron Willoughby 787-2060

   We need people to man the checkpoints, sell tickets, and help with the Radar Run.  This is our only fund raiser for the year.  Please support your local club.  We need the money badly to make payments on our groomer.


Corridor 5, both north and south, was groomed last night. (1/20)
     5 south is moderate as far as Brushwood Road.  After that, both in the woods and on the RR bed in Glencliff,  conditions are fair.  I do not reccommend riding there.  If you do, exercise extreme caution.  There are rocks, open water ditches, icy patches and small washouts.  The fields are nearly bare in places.  We need more snow badly.  If we get the weather that is predicted for Tuesday, it will most likely be unrideable.  
     5 north from North Haverhill to Bath is good.  Again though, be careful of icy patches and gravel.

     Club trails-  Our club trails in North Haverhill are fair to moderate.  The same hazards exist there.
     Trail 6a has a washout.  Please be careful.

The North-South road in Benton is closed for the season due to washouts.   

Memberships- Please buy a club membership from our club.  We are a very small group.  We owe $29,000 on our groomer, with scant hope of ever paying it off.  We need members and money.  If we fold, there will be no trail riding in Haverhill and no grooming.

     You can join our club either by the old method of buying a membership at Swiftwater Stage Stop or R & M Automotive, or by filling out a paper application which you can download at this website or in person at the places mentioned above.  Memberships will cost $35.  This fee is the same for an individual or family membership. 

      OPTION:  The State is  offering online registrations again.  Go to nhsa.com if this is your choice.

Please become an active member of our club.  We are in need of people to attend meetings, give us their ideas, and help with work projects.  Remember meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the Morrill Building in North Haverhill at 7 PM.

     If you have not submitted your email address, please get it to us at swillo428@gmail.com.  The purpose is to enable us to inform you of upcoming events and pending legislation.

      If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please call Kelly at 989-2000.

Club merchandise for sale

Hooded sweatshirts $28
Sweatshirts $22
Long sleeved t's $15
Short sleeved t's $12

Club event - The Poker Run




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